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S I G N A T U R E     D R I N K S

Honey Lavender Latte - (10oz - $6.75) or (16oz - $7.25)

Double shot of espresso, topped with milk and elevated with our lavender infused honey

Lavender, Iced Tea & Tonic - $5.75 (16oz only)

A refreshing drink with our mallorca melon tea blended with lavender, topped with tonic water

Iced Cappuccino - $7.25 (16oz only) 

Double shot of espresso poured over iced milk and topped with vanilla cold cream to give it a very creamy finish

Orange Espresso & Tonic - $6.50 (16oz only)

Double shot of orange infused espresso, poured over iced tonic water with orange garnish

Brown Sugar Infused Espresso Latte - (10oz - $6.25) (16oz $7.25) Double shot of espresso infused with brown sugar 

Cinnamon Toast Latte - (10oz - $6.75)(16oz - $7.25) Double shot of espresso with equal parts of vanilla, honey, caramel and cinnamon mixed together to remind you of those Saturday mornings as a kid. 

Sub a for a milk alternative - $1.00 - Oat and Almond

Milk - Whole (Standard) and Skim 

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