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Drip Coffee - Pick from our two brews of the day. Beans range from a Colombia and Guatemala blend to single origins from Kenya, Mexico, El Salvador and Costa Rica - 10oz MKT 16oz MKT  

Espresso - 2oz of our espresso blend (Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia). With tasting notes of Chocolate, Dark Berries and Citrus this blend gives it a nice rich & sweet profile. We also pair this drink with a palate cleanser - $3.00

Americano - Double shot of our espresso blend, topped with hot water - 10oz $3.75 or 16oz $4.50

Storm Chaser -  Your choice of drip coffee with a double shot of espresso - 10oz $4.75 or 16oz $5.75

Cappuccino - Double shot of our espresso blend with a heavy amount of foam and less milk - $4.50 (only 8oz)

Iced Cappuccino - Quad shot of espresso poured over ice milk and topped with vanilla cold cream - $7.25 (16oz only) 

Latte - Double shot of our espresso blend with steamed milk, topped with a layer of foam - 10oz $5.75 or 16oz $6.25

Macchiato - Double shot of our espresso topped with a slight amount of milk foam - no steamed milk - $3.75 (2oz only)

Cortado -  Equal parts milk & espresso topped with a thin layer of foam - $3.95 (ONLY 4oz) 

Cold Brew - With a combination of Brazilian, Guatemala & Ethiopia bean. We steep for 16-18hrs and end the with a double filtering process to give it a smooth and rich taste - $5.25 (16oz only)

Add a syrup for .85 - Vanilla, SF Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, Honey, Lavender, Cinnamon Powder, Cherry, Raspberry, Blackberry and Strawberry, Orange, Passion Fruit 

Sub a for a milk alternative - $1.00 - Oat and Almond 

Milk - Whole (Standard) and Skim 

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